Human Resources (Department 012)

Brenda Kroh, Human Resources Manager

Description and Mission

The Human Resouces Department supports County operations by administering salaries, benefits, procedures and guidelines to support the County's employees. The department assists with recruiting, staffing, training, employee relations, and employee recognition, and also handles insurance health plans, workers' compensation, casualty and property including risk management. This department administers benefits for all employees of the County regardless of Fund designation.

Accomplishments, Goals, and Objectives

Accomplishments 2022

The HR Department worked with the County's newly established Compensation Committee to develop a Comprehensive Compensation Plan that meets the requirements of Colorado's Equal Pay For Equal Work Act and provides a greater level of transparency to our employees. Additionally, the Employee Hand Book was updated, and the County's various performance review tools were reviewed in an ongoing effort to ensure consistency in all personnel actions.

Goals and Objectives 2023

In the upcoming year the department will focus on recruiting and retaining for critical high-turnover positions with the Sheriff's Office, Human Services, and Road and Bridge. Additional improvements in use of the HR components of the Counties payroll software (Paylocity) will be made to support electronic personnel records, performance counseling, providing of online services to employees.

Department Budget Summary