District Attorney (Department 170)

John Kellner, District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District

Description and Mission

The District Attorney Department accounts for the expenses associated with Elbert County's portion of support for the 18th Judicial District Attorney costs. The revenues in the Districts Attorney department account for refunds for any contributions not spent in the 18th Judicial Districts fiscal year and reimbursement of costs of prosecution of any crime alleged to have been committed by a person in the Colorado Department of Corrections per statue C.R.S. 16-18-101(3).

Accomplishments, Goals, and Objectives

Accomplishments 2022:

Elbert County is currently part of the 18th Judicial District. Our District Attorney serves Arapahoe, Douglas, Lincoln, and Elbert Counties and is funded on per-capital basis. For a view of the districts activities over the past year, please view their website at: https://www.da18.org/community-dashboards-index/.

Goals & Objectives 2023:

Planning for the split of the 18th Judicial District into the 18th Judicial District (Arapahoe) and the 23rd Judicial District (Douglas, Lincoln, and Elbert) begun in 2022 will continue. The 23rd will be activated in January of 2025 with the new District Attorney to be elected in November of 2024.

NOTE: By statute, multi-county District Attorney's offices are funded on a per capita basis. Elbert County funds approximately 2.5% of the overall organizations operations. For a detailed look at the overall budget of the District Attorney's Office view there website at: https://www.da18.org/media/financial-reports/

Department Budget Summary