Elections (Department 025)

Rhonda Braun, Elections Manager

Description and Mission

The Elections Department, part of the Clerk & Recorder's Office, conducts elections in Elbert County, processes voter registrations, conducts voter education and provides elections-related information to political parties and individuals.

Accomplishments, Goals, and Objectives

Accomplishments 2022:

The Elections Department administers and conducts Elbert County Elections. The department also manages voter registrations,(which now exceed 20,000 active registrations) trains election judges and provides public information on election process and administration. A standing policy is that Election Staff will speak to any citizen, of any political persuasion to answer questions that citizen may have. The goal is to help those who have questions come to a better understanding of the process.

In 2022 the Department successfully conducted the Elizabeth Park and Recreation election in May, the Primary election in June and the General Election in November. After each election, hand counts of contested races and/or higher office races were conducted to verify the accuracy of the Voting System.

The Elections department added additional security features to ballot processing areas and added additional procedures to enhance chain of custody for ballots, streamlined the process of scanning ballots and continued to maintain all required election data and material as required by law.

Goals and Objectives 2023:

The election department will continue to professionally administer all aspects of coordinated elections. In 2023, the department will elections of board members for up to 10 school boards and various other special districts that contract their services, as well as, any ballot measures that may arise from one or more local government entities.

Department Budget Summary