Other County Administration

(Department 15)

Trish Kruse - Special Projects Manager

Description and Mission

This Department accounts for administrative activities of the general fund, including the work of the County Manager, as well as expenses that support all County departments, such as audit and accounting contracts, the postage machine contract, and insurance for property and vehicles. The County Manager reports directly to the Board of County Commissioners, and supervises the directors of Public Works, Office of Emergency Management, Information Technology, Public Health, Human Services, Community Development Services, CSU Extension Office, Finance, Human Resources, and Facilities and the Special Projects Coordinator. The County Manager implements the County's strategic plan, and works with other County elected officials to execute the County's vision and mission, and acts as the County's communications officer. The Special Projects Coordinator assists the County Manager with a variety of special projects.

Accomplishments, Goals, and Objectives

Accomplishments 2022

This department supported the continuation of the USGS Well Monitoring Study, delivery of GIS projects for internal and external users, and continuation of communications efforts. Additionally, guidance and direction was provided to the Economic Development Department as they worked to complete a Housing Needs Assessment which will inform updates the Housing Master Plan of the County's Master Plan, and a Economic Development Strategic Plan which will help focus the efforts of the department over the years to come.

Goals and Objectives 2023

in 2023, the integration of a new County Manager will be the highest priority for this Department. In addition to ongoing efforts related to GIS support throughout the County and continuation of the USGS well-monitoring and cmmuications programs, the County will seek grant-funding to evaluate the 2018 Rural Water Supply Study results in light of the now lengthy well-monitoring data and seek to validate or adjust the initial report results as indicated.

Department Budget Summary