Sheriff's Office Detentions

(Department 212)

Tim Norton, County Sheriff

Description and Mission

The Sheriff's Office has statutory requirements to maintain the County's jail and transport prisoners. The purpose of this department is to account for revenues and expenditures associated with the Sheriff's Office Detentions division, separately from the other Sheriff's Office expenses.

Accomplishments, Goals, and Objectives

Accomplishments 2022:

Detentions is using new software that compliments and integrates the booking process from our mobile CAD system and records management.

Goals and Objectives 2023:

In 2023, we will strive to retain the staff we have and hire additional deputies to fill vacancies. We struggle as do other law enforcement agencies in the State of Colorado with finding, hiring and retaining staff, mostly in Patrol. While patrol has the majority of vacancies, we are down one position in Detentions.

Additionally, the healthcare provider for our jail, Well Path, will replace Centennial Mental Health as our mental health provider as well. This should result in efficiencies with inmates that suffer both health and mental-health issues.

Department Budget Summary