Facilities and Maintenance (Department 060)

Bobby Chevarria, Facilities Manager

Description and Mission

The Facilities and Maintenance Department delivers maintenance and repairs to the County's building and sites, and helps provide a safe and productive enviroment for the County Staff and visiting public. The department strives to maximize the expected life cycle of County assets through a constantly developing preventative maintenance program and to ensure that equipment is suited to the growing needs of County departments. The County's aging assets can be challenging to maintain, and we continue to develop a replacement program to address these assets as they reach the end of their expected service life.

Accomplishments, Goals, and Objectives

Accomplishments 2022:

The Facilities Department has gone above and beyond in meeting the goals and objectives for 2022. This year, the drainage of the Admin. Building parking lot has been repaired, new doors and windows have been installed in both the Admin. Building and the SEB Building and the department has started construction on a new Road and Bridge shop on which land was acquired in 2021 and secured lease-funding for the facility. Along with all of this the department kept up on the day-to-day maintenance of all county buildings and grounds.

Goals & Objectives 2023:

2023 Goals include completion of construction of the new Road and Bridge shop, erecting a new Facilities Maintenance Shop to reduce conflicting use of space on the fairgrounds, and begin planning for a new Justice Center.

Department Budget Summary