Capital Improvement Fund

(Fund 075)

Bobby Chevarria, Facilities Manager

Fund Overview

The Capital Improvement Fund is used to account for major capital improvements and investments. Revenues and transfers in to the Capital Improvement Fund are limited in their use for the County's capital projects.

Narrative/Historical Overview

The Capital Improvement Fund was re-established in 2017 with $500,000 that were relesed form escrow during the 2016 refinancing of the Justice Center debt. Proceeds from the sale of an unneeded property in Kiowa were added to this in 2017 and the bulk of these funds were used to purchase what is now the "Samuel Elbert Building" which houses the Clerk & Recorder Offices and the County Treasurer/Public Trustee. In 2018, a comprehensive facilities assessment was conducted which identified over $2.5 million in deferred capital projects, maintenance, and pending major system life cycle replace needs throughout the County's properties. Starting in 2019, $500,000 per year has been transferred from the General Fund to this fund to address these issues and prolong the useful life of these critical public assets.

Accomplishments, Goals, and Objectives

2022 Accomplishments

The 110 year old single pain windows and doors of the Court House were replace with more energy efficient multi-pane units clad on the exterior with aluminum to reduce future maintenance needs. In style and appearance, the windows and doors preserve the original look of the building. Additionally, french drains wer installed to carry storm water from the Court House gutters and downspouts away from the building to reduce dangers of icing during cold weather and increase safety for citizens and employees accessing the building. Failing doors and windows original to the Samuel Elbert Building were also replaced as were the doors to the Assessors Annex Building. Finally, a significant remodel of office space was completed at the Justice Center to create more room for staff and address lingering ADA access issues.

2023 Planned Projects

This budget supports upgrades and replacements to components of the Court House HVAC systems that are anticipated to reduce ulitity costs and increase comfort for employees and citizens using the building. Additionally, the Court House parking lot will be repaved to improve drainage and reduce trip hazards and the badly deteriorating flooring in the public areas of the second floor of this building will be replaced. When these projects are completed, the high priority issues identified in the facilities condition assessment conducted in 2018 will have been addressed.

Revenues Table

Expenditures Table