County Attorney (Department 021)

Bart Greer, County Attorney

Description and Mission

The County's Attorney provides legal council to all departments and funds in the County, including elected officials and department heads, in subject areas including employment, termination, contracts for service, policies and procedures, election procedures and ballot requirements, litigation, and management of outside contract counsel. The County Attorney helps the County comply with statutory and legal requirements, manage risk, and reduce liability for County departments and officials.

Accomplishments, Goals, and Objectives

Accomplishments 2022:

In 2022, the County Attorney researched and provided legal advice to Elbert County Elected Officials, boards, departments heads, agencies, and employees on topics germade to County operations. The County Attorney continued to assist in drafting policies and implementing risk managements procedures to limit liability exposure to the County. Additionally, the County Attorney managed the communication between and integration of outside counsel during specialized litigation involving the County and County staff.

Goals and Objectives 2023:

  • Continuing to provide guidance to Elbert County elected officials and personnel.
  • Continuing to develop, update, and streamline processes, rules, and regulations for the County.
  • Continuing to manage outside counsel, contract for specific services, or engage in litigation on behalf of the County.
  • Continuing to assist with risk management while endeavoring to maximize efficiency of County operations.