Pool Vehicles (Department 070)

Rory Hale, Director of Public Works

Description and Mission

The fleet department is the tracking mechanism for all fuel and repair costs associated with the pool vehicles within the General Fund. Fleet is responsible for locating, procuring, and allocating general fund vehicles. Only General Fund owned vehicles are accounted for in this department.

Accomplishments, Goals, and Objectives

Accomplishments 2022:

In the 2022 year the fleet department replaced two facilities maintenance vehicles that had reached the end of their economic lifespan and were costing increasing amounts amounts to maintain. These vehicles were replaced with new 3/4-Ton snow removal vehicles. One pool vehicle was purchased to replace the aging Chevy Suburban and an additional vehicle was purchased to support the Coroner. Fleet is continuing to incorporate Verizon GPS telematics into vehicles to increase accountability.

Goals and Objectives 2023:

In the upcoming budget year, one vehicle for the building department planned for purchase in 2022 but unavailable due to supply chain issue will be replaced. Multiple vehicles that have reached their end of service life will be disposed of by surplus auction and those funds will be returned to support the continuing modernization of the County fleet, improve safety and reduce maintenance costs. Additionally, fleet operations will be moved to the newly constructed Public Works Facility. This faciity will greatly improve the efficiency of maintenance operations.

Department Budget Summary