Economic Development (Department 295)

Marc Dettenrieder, Economic Development Manager

Description and Mission

The Elbert County Economic Development Department will serve as the sentral focal point for business recruitment and development in Elbert County. The Department will work closely with the planning department to ensure smooth application processing.

Accomplishments, Goals, and Objectives

Accomplishments 2022

In 2022 the Economic Development department took on major projects like a Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) and an Economic Development Strategic Plan. It is noteworthy that grants were secured to fund over 65% of the HNA project. Additionally, the Elbert County Economic Development Council solidified its role as an advisory group to the Economic Development department in 2022 providing valuable input on the aforementioned projects. Communication strategies were further enhanced beyond the Economic Development website through a social media platform addition as well as a newsletter for the Economic Development Council membership. Working with the Community Development Services department and GIS, a Community Development Projects Map was created for public viewing as was an Economic Development specific informational layer map. Grant funding was also established to help a water association in unincorporated Elbert County work toward State compliance and seek resources to improve its water system. Support was provided to a film company that shot several scenes in Elbert County, which paved the way for a film specific permitting process. Finally, a formalized process was created to sell surplus county owned property as needed.

Goals and Objectives 2023

in 2023, the Department will develop more planning documents that align with the County’s Comprehensive Plan. A Water Master Plan will be completed in 2023 as will an Open Space Plan. Implementation of the Economic Development Strategic Plan will take place to include business retention and expansion efforts and targeted outreach.

Department Budget Summary