Fund Overview

Elbert County Government

Governmental accounting is based upon fund accounting principles. Each fund has a unique purpose and self-balancing set of accounts, which allows for greater tracking of specific resources and more accountability over limited or restricted sources of funds. Elbert County's funds have been established based on various statutes, regulations and other restrictions or limitations set by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB), the State or Colorado, and the Elbert County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).

General Fund

The General Fund is used to account for all resources associated with traditional government functions that are not required legally or by sound financial management practices to be accounted for in another fund. As the County's main operating fund, the General Fund accounts for general government, public safety, and other operating expenditures.

The following departments are tracked within the County's General Fund:

• Commissioners

• County Attorney

• Other County Administration

• Human Resources

• Finance

• Information Technology (I/T)

• Office of Emergency Management

• Community Development Services (CDS)

• Building Department

• Facilities Maintenance

• Justice Center

• Fairgrounds

• Pool Vehicles

• Veterans' Services

• CSU Extension

• Fair Board

• 4H/Fair

• Non-Departmental

• Assessor's Office

• Coroner' Office

• Clerk & Recorder's Office

• Clerk & Recorder -Elections

• Surveyor's Office

• Sheriff's Office

• Sheriff's Office - Detentions

• Treasurer's Office

• District Attorney's Office

Special Revenue Funds

Special Revenue Funds are used to account for the collection of revenues restricted or limited to expenditures for specified purposes. The County has the following Special Revenue Funds:

  • Public Health and Administration Fund
  • Road and Bridge Fund
  • Sales and Use Tax Fund
  • Law Enforcement Assistance Fund (LEAF)
  • Human Services
  • Grant Fund
  • Retirement Fund
  • Growth and Development Fund
  • Conservation Trust Fund (CTF)

Debt Service Funds

Debt Service Funds are used to account for the collection of revenues and other resources to pay interest and principal payments on long-term debt, except for accrued compensated and capital lease obligations. The County has the folloing Debt Service Funds:

  • Bond Redemption Debt Services Fund
  • Chaparral Valley Debt Service Fund
  • Foxwood Estate Debt Service Fund
  • Sun Country Debt Service Fund

Capital Project Funds

Capital Projects Funds are used to account for the collection of revenues and other resources to acquire and/or construct major capital assets. The County has the following Capital Projects Fund:

  • Capital Improvement Fund