Human Resources Accomplishments and Initiatives

Major Accomplishments in FY 2021-22 & 2022-23

  • Successfully expedited time to hire and delivered tailored responses to critical recruitments, to ensure continuity of operations. Specifically, 34 new recruitments opened, 48 new employees hired (19 of which were in the Police Department) and 21 employees promoted (11 of which were in the Police Department).

  • As part of its effort to recruit more lateral Police Dispatchers and lateral Police Officers, successfully implemented an Employee Referral Program. Specifically, for every lateral Police Dispatcher and/or lateral Police Officer referral that successfully completes probation, the referring City employee will receive a $1,000 referral bonus.

  • Successfully negotiated successor memoranda of understanding between the City and the Concord Police Association (January 1, 2023 through June 30, 2026), the Concord Police Association Managers’ Representation Unit (January 1, 2023 through June 30, 2026), the Teamsters Local 856 (June 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023) and the Office and Professional Employees International Union, Local 29 (July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023), including salary increases and market adjustments for several classifications.

  • To assist the City in its commitment to maintain a professional work environment free of conflicts of interest, nepotism and favoritism, created and implemented Administrative Directive 186 – Family and Romantic Relationships at Work. Successfully met and conferred with unions over the impacts of Administrative Directive 186. Created and implemented the Family and Romantic Relationships at Work Management Plan forms and review program.

  • To assist the City in its commitment to help employees face the demands of juggling work, family and life related issues while supporting and maintaining the City's high quality of community services, successfully amended Administrative Directive 116 – Variable Work Schedule and implemented a new Variable Work Schedule program, that resulted in 63 employees starting a 9/80 work schedule and 17 employees starting/renewing a telecommute schedule.

  • Successfully relaunched in-person mandatory harassment prevention training for all full-time employees, part-time employees, interns, volunteers, certain contractors and other miscellaneous individuals. For individuals with schedules that prohibited those from attending an in-person training were provided the option to complete the mandatory training on-line. Achieved an approximately 95% compliance rate for full-time employees.

  • Successfully relaunched in-person training topics such as on providing great customer service, business writing and supervisory training on leave management, disciplinary process and managing performance evaluations.
  • Successfully provided 26 webinars on varied employee wellness topics (e.g., stress management, living healthy, practicing kindness, etc.).

  • Improved analysis, technological and operational functioning of the Human Resources Department’s support to City departments. For example:
    • Attained a 100% accurate vacancy count.
    • Achieved a 100% accurate count of Part-Time Limited Service employees. Also removed 27 inactive Part-Time Limited Service employees from the HRIS system.
    • Reached a 100% compliance rate ensuring the 105 RBPM performance appraisals were completed within established timeframes.
    • Accomplished a 100% accuracy rate in the creation of approximately 400 Personnel Action Forms.

  • Improved the implementation of benefits for active employees, retirees and their dependents and the coordination of the Citywide Wellness Program. For example:
    • Successfully relaunched annual in-person mini-benefits fair, with approximately 60 attendees.
    • Achieved a 100% accuracy rate in executing 209 separate benefit change requests made during the annual open enrollment period.
    • Raised attendance at City sponsored yoga classes and strength/fitness classes.
    • Successfully relaunched in-person flu shot clinic and blood pressure check clinic.

Initiatives for FY 2023-24 & FY 2024-25

  • Successfully expedite time to hire and deliver tailored responses to critical recruitments, to ensure continuity of operations. Achieve and maintain a 9% or less vacancy rate.

  • Successfully deploy innovative recruiting technology via fuller use of existing HRIS and leveraging social media and profession specific websites, etc.

  • Build an organizational and employee development program to develop and sustain high performance work teams.