Office of the City Manager

Department Summary

Director: Valerie Barone

Who we are

The City of Concord is a general law, council-manager local government organization. The City Manager’s office is responsible for executing the City Council’s goals and priorities and for supporting the establishment and implementation of Council adopted policies. The City manager is responsible for hiring and professional leadership of organizational staff, City government operations, the quality of service delivery to the community, development of and implementation of the General Fund and Capital budgets, Council and the organization’s communication/outreach to the community, the City election process, holding official public meetings and maintaining official City records, and for intergovernmental relations in responding to state, federal and regional issues with local impacts. The City Manager also serves as the Director of Emergency Operations.

What we do

The Office of the City Manager provides services through the following programs:

  • City Council Services - 1000
  • City Management - 1200
  • Community Relations - 1300
  • Administrative Services & City Clerk - 1400
  • Elections - 1410

FY23-24 Expenses by Category

FY23-24 Expenses by Funding Source

FY24-25 Expenses by Category

FY24-25 Expenses by Funding Source

Expenditures by Category

Expenditures by Funding Source