Human Resources

Director: Jasmin Loi

Who we are

The City of Concord’s Human Resources Department is responsible for delivering exceptional customer service and support to more than 400 full time employees and 160 limited service employees by providing responsive service that is both cost-effective and innovative. Such support includes, recruitment, training and development, employee wellness, workers compensation and varied other services. Also, the Human Resources Department is responsible for working with varied third party vendors to deliver exceptional customer service and retirement related support to approximately 650 City retirees. Human Resources’ primary goal is to attract, develop, motivate, and retain the best-qualified employees, whose knowledge and skills contribute to and sustain the City as a superior organization.

What we do

The Human Resources Department provides services through the following programs:

  • Human Resources Administration - 2000
  • Labor Relations - 2010
  • Recruitment and Selection - 2020
  • Workers' Compensation - 2030
  • Benefits Administration - 2040
  • Organizational Training and Development - 2050
  • Classification & Compensation - 2060

FY23-24 Expenses by Category

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FY24-25 Expenses by Category

FY24-25 Expenses by Funding Source

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