Finance Department

Director: Karan Reid

Who we are

The Finance Department is responsible for the overall financial management of the City. The Department's core function is to maintain a strong and secure financial position for the city by providing comprehensive financial and analytical services to the City Council, City management, staff and the public. The Department’s functional operational areas include accounting and financial reporting, budget and long-range planning, purchasing and accounts payable, payroll, and treasury and revenue management.

What we do

The Finance Department provides services through the following programs:

  • Finance Administration - 3100
  • Financial Analysis & Reporting - 3200
  • Budget & Financial Planning - 3300
  • Purchasing - 3400
  • City Treasury - 3600
  • Revenue Generation - 3610

FY23-24 Expenses by Category

FY23-24 Expenses by Funding Source

FY24-25 Expenses by Category

FY24-25 Expenses by Funding Source

Expenditures by Category

Expenditures by Funding Source