FY 2023-24 Council Adopted Priority Focus Areas

Areas of focus adopted at the March 11, 2023 Goal Setting Workshop

At Council’s annual priority setting workshop held in March 2023, Council determined its main priorities for FY 2023-24. Council maintains the existing organizational focus on the following priorities (in no priority):

  • Fiscal stability and economic development
  • Quality of life
  • Public safety
  • Roadway/infrastructure maintenance
  • Customer service
  • Being a desirable workplace–employee success and organizational efficiency

The Council further established four priority goals for year one of the two-year budget, FY 2023-24. The annual goals for FY 2024-25 will be established by Council in the spring of 2024 and incorporated into the budget at the mid-cycle review. Work on all of the priorities below is in process.

Fiscal Year 2023-24 Priority Goals

  • Concord Naval Weapons Station—Complete the process to identify and enter into an ENA with a Master Developer team by the end of 2023 and begin work on the Specific Plan and CEQA documents, with a goal of completing both by 2026.
  • Implementation of Housing Element Update - The recently adopted City of Concord Housing Element Update has identified over 100 programs of which 16 are targeted for completion and another 19 will be in process by the end of Fiscal Year 2023-2024. Compliance with the timeframes identified in the HEU will be monitored by the State and the implementation of the Housing Element Update has been identified as a Tier I priority by the City Council.
  • Completion and Implementation of the Homeless Strategic Plan—Staff initiated development of a Homeless Strategic Plan in the current fiscal year. It is targeted for completion prior to the end of this calendar year. Council continues to recognize the development of a policy vision for this critical community issue as a major priority, once complete the organization will transition to implementing the Plan.
  • Implementation of ARPA Funded Projects—The Council distributed $7 million of ARPA funds to twenty-two Non-profit organizations, each having measurable outcomes for use of the funding. Additionally, Council allocated $6.5 million for city-initiated projects and $500k for special event support. As ARPA funding has created a unique opportunity, there are strings attached related to timing and Council wants to assure that the organization meets all Federal mandates.