Capital Projects Funds


Capital Projects Funds are used to account for resources used for the acquisition and construction of capital facilities or major capital equipment, except for capital facilities financed by Proprietary or Special Revenue Funds. Capital Projects Funds include:

  • Measure J – Accounts for transportation improvements funded by Contra Costa County’s ½% sales tax. Measure J was approved in 2004. Measure J continues the ½% sales tax approved in 1988 by Measure C for 2010 and beyond.

  • Special Developers Fund - To account for capital projects within the City funded by various fees collected from developers.
    • Parkland Fee – Residential developers are responsible for providing park land and recreation sources for Concord’s citizens (Chapter 3 (2), Article IV of the City Concord Municipal Code).
    • Off-site Street Improvement Program (OSIP) – the method used by the City to fund base-level General Plan street improvements.
    • Storm Drain Zones/Traffic Mitigation – The ongoing development of real property in the city has placed a serious demand upon existing storm drains and certain streets. In order to provide an equitable manner of apportionment of the cost of future development of these facilities, the City has established local drainage areas and traffic mitigation areas.

  • General Fund Projects – Accounts for the projects financed by General Fund transfers expended for acquisition and construction of general purpose public facilities and improvements.

  • Measure V Capital Projects – Accounts for the projects financed by transfers from the Measure V fund.

  • 2015 Lease Revenue Bonds CIP – Accounts for infrastructure projects financed by the 2015 Lease Revenue Bonds.

  • General Reimbursable Projects – Accounts for projects financed by grants, donations, or amounts reimbursed to the City from developers.

  • 2021 Certificates of Participation (COP) - Accounts for infrastructure financed by the 2021 Certificates of Participation.

  • Sewer Capacity Fees - To account for projects financed by Sewer Capacity fees for the construction system of pipes and sewer system facilities that serve the growing customer base.
City of Concord employees repaving a street
Measure V sign
Sidewalk closed sign on a construction zone