Matthew R. Beauchamp, District Attorney

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About the District Attorney Office

The purpose of the District Attorney's Office is prosecute crimes committed within the County of Colusa and to effectively provide services to victims and witnesses of crimes.

Significant Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2020-21:

  • Moved the District Attorney's Office to its new location at 310 6th Street, Colusa, CA (the old Farm Credit building).
  • After working for one-half year without investigators (other than the Chief Investigator), hired two new investigators.
  • Kept murderer Nathan Ramazzini in prison for life in writ proceeding.
  • In the Karen Garcia case we convicted Defendant Garcia of Voluntary Manslaughter and other serious felonies. He was sent to prison for 25 years.
  • Defendant Michael Jones was convicted and sentenced to 9 years for an Arbuckle bank robbery.
  • Ebed Cruz was sentenced to 23 years for sex crimes against a child.
  • Kept my office safe using internal office protocols for Covid-19.

Goals & Objectives for Fiscal Year 2021-22:

  • Need to train investigators up to a level of exceptional competence that this office has come to expect -- including tech training. (tech warrants, phone warrants, etc.)
  • Continue to ensure that victims of crime are treated with respect and to make sure that crime victims have their day in court during the Pandemic.
  • Continue to prosecute Defendant Ehrke double murder out of Arbuckle.
  • Continue to work with the Court on safety protocols to keep having jury trials during the Pandemic.

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