David Prentice, Interim Department Head

Organizational Chart

About the County Counsel Office

The purpose of the Office of County Counsel is to provide legal services and representation to Colusa County, its Board of Supervisors, County officers, elected officials, and the County’s departments, offices, boards, commissions and certain special districts. Additionally, County Counsel acts as the Revenue and Recovery Officer tasked with attempting to collect certain fines, fees, costs and other delinquent monies owed to the County.

Significant Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2020-21:

We have responded to over 200 requests for legal review from various County departments on a wide variety of legal issues. We are working with various County departments to revise Ordinances to make them more use friendly to both staff and the public. We continue to review agenda items, contracts and MOUs for legal sufficiency and form. We successfully represent the County in conservatorship matters, and other litigated civil cases. We oversee and coordinate all litigation conducted by outside counsel, and successfully resolved pending real property litigation in favor of the County.

Goals & Objectives for Fiscal Year 2021-22:

Continue our ongoing review of County policies and prepare updates as needed; update the County standard contracts for continued legal sufficiency to address any changes in the law; continue work on review and updates to the County Code and present revisions to the Board as needed.

Summary of Major Budget Changes:

We do not have any anticipated major changes. There are staffing adjustments that will be made due to hiring a new County Counsel, but the budgeted salaries should remain fairly consistent.

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