Noel J. O'Neill, Interim Director

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About the Behavioral Health Department

The Behavioral Health Department responsibility is to plan for and provide high quality consumer centered and family friendly, prevention, education and clinical services to the residents of Colusa County while making access to services easier, producing more effective, better outcomes and reducing the need for out-of-home and institutional care.

Significant Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2020-21:

1. Made Significant Strides in Implementing New Electronic Health Records (EHR) System:

  • Behavioral Health’s current contractor of the EHR system changed software companies and through the upgrade process it was discovered that the new software will not meet California reporting requirements and the company does not have a plan to rectify this. We have contracted with InSync Healthcare Solutions in to provide our EHR system platform and are moving all programming and billing functions that our current contractor performs for us. This change will improve efficiencies with reporting and billing to the State. This new software is cloud based and capable of storing all past and present client information, meet all State reporting requirements, and be accessible by computer, tablet and phone so clinicians and consumers can connect anywhere and have access to client information where ever they are.

2. Develop Permanent Affordable Housing Program:

  • Behavioral Health is working with HHS and the Regional Housing Authority to build a low-income apartment complex for our County residents. Six of theses apartment units will be for exclusively for Behavioral Health consumers with the remainder of the units to be used by HHS and other residents that meet the income requirements.

Goals & Objectives for Fiscal Year 2021-22:

  1. Recruit, select and hire a new BH Director
  2. Develop local residential capacity for those conserved persons needing supervised licensed care.
  3. Promote a Youth Center in collaboration with Probation, H&HS, the Office of Education to provide a safe and constructive program for after school care for youth 12-17.
  4. Expand outreach, engagement and treatment services to all persons incarcerated in the jail or on probation so that basic life needs and symptoms of addiction or mental illness can be addressed.
  5. Rebuild the Alcohol and Other Drug program so that it becomes a resource that the community can count upon to address issues of addiction.
  6. Promote a 24/7 crisis response that all stakeholders agree is reliable, consistent and seamless. Generate a written agreement of the plan.
  7. Expand our services to other communities by obtaining a satellite office.

Summary of Major Budget Changes:

  1. Requesting 9 new positions to better support our consumers and staff the proposed Youth Center.
  2. Obtaining, remodeling, and furnishing an Adult Residential Facility.
  3. Obtaining and furnishing a Youth Center.
  4. Utilizing our Enterprise lease agreement to replace additional fleet vehicles.

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