Cristy J. Edwards, Clerk-Recorder

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About the Clerk-Recorder's Office

The purpose of the Clerk-Recorder's Office is to register voters and maintain registration records; conduct all phases of elections within the county, cities and special districts; file authorized documents and maps; collect transfer tax and other fees; make filed documents and certificates available to the public for review; issue marriage licenses and perform marriage ceremonies; provide services related to filing for fictitious business name statements, Notary Bonds, registration of professional agents, statements of economic interests and issues certified copies of vital records.

Significant Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2022-23:

  • Our department examined statutory fee structures resulting in a large increase.
  • We have undertaken extensive training in multiple areas, as multiple department departures left a gap of historical knowledge in many areas.
  • We have filled the state mandated bi-lingual position with a highly qualified candidate.
  • We have implemented a program of identifying, cataloging and returning records in storage from prior departments occupancy to aid in creating space for our own internal records.
  • We have started an effective process of electronically identifying documents that qualify for the Covenant Restriction program. We are undertaking the scanning of old birth certificates to redact information that is confidential and in this way are preserving it in a digital format to preserve the integrity of the originals and to increase efficiency when making copies.
  • We have also examined and identified office procedures and are making adjustments with transitions to more efficient operations. We are undertaking extensive trainings and gaining valuable industry specific knowledge.

Goals & Objectives for Fiscal Year 2023-24:

  • Fully Implement Covenant Restriction Program using digital search tools.
  • Increase fees under GC 54985 to assist with balancing revenue streams against general fund draw.

  • Continue to provide various methodologies of training to each separate department to increase professional industry specific knowledge.

  • Implement a digital vital program.

  • Run a successful March Primary Election.

  • We will continue to identify records to be returned and/or destroyed from prior departments occupancy.

Summary of Major Budget Changes:

22-23 revenue projections for the Recording Department were not met due to decreased recordings. Budget actuals show revenue dropped over proposed by approximately 55%. Property transfer revenue was also half of the 22-23 projections. The new Covenant restriction fee will go towards offsetting program specific salaries. There were varying discrepancies in the 22-23 fiscal year budget proposal and the budget actuals in all departments. The Elections Department will be receiving a large portion of the remaining HAVA Grant funding.

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