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About the County Counsel Office

The purpose of the Office of County Counsel is to provide legal services and representation to Colusa County, its Board of Supervisors, County officers, elected officials, and the County’s departments, offices, boards, commissions and certain special districts. Additionally, County Counsel acts as the Revenue and Recovery Officer tasked with attempting to collect certain fines, fees, costs and other delinquent monies owed to the County.

Significant Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2022-23:

  • During the Fiscal Year 2022-23 the County Counsel's Office successfully integrated the representation of Child Welfare Services (CWS) into our in-house services. Previously, the CWS department had been represented in Welfare and Institutions Section 300 cases in the Juvenile Court and Court of Appeal by a private attorney from Chico who was under contract with the Department. When this attorney retired and we were unable to find a new attorney to contract with, it was decided to bring the position in house to the County Counsel's Office. This transition required a significant amount of training and modification to the workload in the office. However, the transition has been successful, and the County Counsel's Office is able to offer a more responsive representation to CWS while also bringing additional revenue into a general fund department.
  • So far this fiscal year, the County Counsel's Office has responded to approximately 150 requests for legal review. These legal reviews include numerous Public Records Act requests and contract reviews but also significant numbers of complex legal questions involving personnel issues, labor negotiation issues and potential litigation.
  • Additionally, during this fiscal year the Office worked extensively with the Department of Tax and Fee Administration, the Elections Office and the CAO's Office to prepare all of the necessary documents to put Measure A (Emergency Medical Ground Transportation Transactions and Use Tax Ordinance) on the November ballot.

Goals & Objectives for Fiscal Year 2023-24:

For the next fiscal year, the County Counsel's Office hopes to continue provide legal services to the County and its elected officials and departments. More specifically the office hopes to continue its review of outdated ordinances and policies for updating and to streamline office procedures to improve productivity and responsiveness.

Summary of Major Budget Changes:

The only significant change to this years budget will be the changes due to the agreement for the representation of CWS.

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