Wendy G. Tyler, County Administrative Officer

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The purpose of the County Administrative Office is to work closely with the Board of Supervisors advancing the execution of the County's Mission Statement and facilitating the achievement of the County's Goals and Objectives by providing administrative, management and fiscal support services to the Board and the operating Offices and Departments of the County. The County Administrative Office will administer, manage and coordinate the internal support functions assigned to its' Office ensuring these services meet both the present and future needs of the County and are delivered in an efficient, effective, economical manner with a strong orientation toward customer service.

Significant Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2020-21:

  • The most significant accomplishment was that our organization remained open and available to provide services to the constituency we are here to serve. Every County Department developed new ways of conducting their business or saw an increased workload; most were subjected to both. It goes without saying the employees of Colusa County are a dedicated, service oriented group.
  • From an administrative standpoint we are finishing the fiscal year in a stable position. We have made good use of the many new revenue streams afforded us by the Covid-19 Pandemic, including distributing nearly $800,000 in grants to our local businesses, and $200,000 in assistance for healthcare and educational support, as well as food distribution.
  • As mentioned above, all County Departments experienced additional workload and process modifications. Even with those things impacting the departments under the CAO, we still accomplished a great deal.
  • The building at the corner of 6th and Jay in Colusa has been completely remodeled, and the District Attorney and County Counsel Offices have been relocated.
  • The energy efficiency project components for lighting and mechanical are completed and 2 of 4 solar installations are also completed.
  • Significant IT hardware and software deployments were completed Countywide.
  • The re-write of our Personnel Code and Employee Policies is in progress, and may be completed by the time the final budget is adopted in a few months.
  • Our employee on-boarding process has been revamped.
  • Legislation is proceeding to abolish the Office of the Road Commissioner.
  • Airport duties have been transferred to Public Works for day-to-day operations, and the Community Development Department has taken on the responsibility for the Airport Land Use Commission.
  • Finally, we have continued our participation in the Sites Reservoir Project, which had significant value engineering take place. This led to the project being "right-sized" and will result in release of a new draft environmental document in the coming months.

Goals & Objectives for Fiscal Year 2021-22:

  • We will continue to work to implement Board policy and objectives, and assist all other County Departments in doing the same.
  • With a significant amount of additional funding in the form of Federal COVID-19 Pandemic relief we will work to utilize the funds in the most effective and prudent manner.
  • 2021-22 will also bring the remodel of the Plaza Building to facilitate the co-location of all the Community Development Services Units under one roof.
  • Succession Planning will be a focus of the HR Department, as will facilitation of the new onboarding process and increasing the availability of training opportunities to all employees.
  • IT will continue implementation of new hardware and software as authorized within the budget. Additionally, with Board support, we will begin implementation of a countywide communications plan, and development of a countywide strategic plan.
  • Our level of continued participation in the Sites Reservoir Project should reach a major decision point as long term financing options are determined.

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