Robert Zunino, Auditor

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About the Auditor-Controller Office

The Auditor-Controller is elected by Colusa County voters to provide quality accounting, budgeting, auditing, and financial services to the public, county agencies, school districts, special districts, and cities as defined under Government Code. The Auditor's Office is committed to ensuring the fiscal integrity of the County's financial records, to promote accountability, compliance, professionalism, and transparency, and to provide exemplary service, assistance and information.

Significant Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2020-21:

  • The California State Controller awarded the Colusa County Auditor-Controller’s Office the “Award of Excellence for Counties Financial Transactions Reporting”.
  • With the establishment of an irrevocable trust fund with PARS about 3 years ago and a monthly allocation per FTE, starting about 13 years ago, subsequently being deposited into this trust fund, the county is currently 100% funded with regards to its OPEB liability.

Goals & Objectives for Fiscal Year 2021-22:

  • Attain the Award of Excellence for Counties Financial Transactions Reporting.
  • Develop the 2021-22 Adopted County Budget, in compliance with the County Budget Act, using the new OpenGov Stories feature in conjunction with Budget Builder.
  • Set up and incorporate the OpenGov Financials into the everyday operations of the County. This will provide robust, all-in-one accounting functions for all departments. It will include such things as new software generated reporting features, dashboards based on each employees’ tracking feature preferences, and decentralization of the claims process whereby departmental fiscal staff will enter invoices directly into the accounts payable feature of the ERP program.
  • Work with CAO Department and Board of Supervisors to develop a funding strategy for covering our increasing pension liability.
  • Work with U.S. Bank to enable the ability for outside vendors to be paid by the County and also to make payments to the County electronically.
  • Develop internal guidelines, processes, and procedures throughout the office in an effort to increase efficiency, consistency, and serve as a training tool for all employees.

Summary of Major Budget Changes:

  • Account 53121 - Maintenance of Software: The payment made to Superion during FY 20/21 will provide us access to their software through February 2022, which will be enough time to finish posting all activity for 20/21. All funding for this software maintenance has been eliminated from the budget.
  • Account 53180 - Professional Services: All required payments to OpenGov, as per contract, for professional services being provided for the OpenGov Financials implementation have been paid. No further funding has been budgeted for this next budget year.

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