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Assessor's Office

The purpose of the Assessor's Office is to complete, in a timely manner, all property assessment duties that are constitutionally directed to the County Assessor. The Assessor's Office is committed to completing all Assessor responsibilities at the least possible cost to the public, in a manner which is responsive and reflects the quality, uniformity, integrity and fairness to all. Property taxes are an essential source of revenue supporting basic public services provided by schools and local governments.

Significant Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2020-21:

The tax roll continues to increase despite having Olam tomato cannery close.

We were short handed having lost our Auditor Appraiser and Assistant Assessor. Despite these challenges we have continued to give good customer service and put out a fair and accurate tax roll.

Goals & Objectives for Fiscal Year 2021-22:

The tax Roll will increase again this year and we will continue to give good customer service.

We will be able to complete more Audits with our new Auditor starting a couple of months ago. This will bring in more revenue in the future.

The AB 1265 continue to bring in more revenue from the Williamson Act.

We continue to cross train our employees and despite Covid -19 we are turning over a positive roll every year.

Summary of Major Budget Changes:

Megabyte had to install a new computer system that was a cost we just found out about.

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