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Auditor-Controller Office - Robert Zunino, Auditor-Controller

The Auditor-Controller is elected by Colusa County voters to provide quality accounting, budgeting, auditing, and financial services to the public, county agencies, school districts, special districts, and cities as defined under Government Code. The Auditor's Office is committed to ensuring the fiscal integrity of the County's financial records, to promote accountability, compliance, professionalism, and transparency, and to provide exemplary service, assistance and information.

Significant Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2022-23:

  • The California State Controller awarded the Colusa County Auditor-Controller’s Office the “Award of Excellence for Counties Financial Transactions Reporting”.
  • UKG, the county’s new payroll software program, has been fully implemented (except for the ACA module) and is being used for payroll processing. County employees are currently utilizing UKG to enter monthly timesheets as well as access their monthly pay statements. We are still working with UKG to work out some “bugs” with the leave accrual calculations.

  • The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) is releasing new statements almost every year. We are staying on top of those releases that are applicable to our county and implementing the required financial standards and requirements as they become effective. GASB 96 is currently being worked on and will be implemented effective this fiscal year.

Goals & Objectives for Fiscal Year 2023-24:

  • Attain the Award of Excellence for Counties Financial Transactions Reporting.
  • Continue to work with OpenGov staff to develop an automated process to compile the required SCO schedules as part of our required budget book presentation.

  • Implement additional new modules and assist in expanding and improving current modules in our OpenGov Financials software system.

  • Work with CAO Department and Board of Supervisors to develop a funding strategy for covering our increasing pension liability.

  • Work with U.S. Bank to enable the ability for outside vendors to be paid by the County and also to make payments to the County electronically.

  • Develop internal guidelines, processes, and procedures throughout the office in an effort to increase efficiency, consistency, and serve as a training tool for all employees.

Summary of Major Budget Changes:

Account 001-53121-421 – Maintenance-Software

DebtBook contract PC22-024 (1 year contract) was entered into during FY 21/22 for $8,500 to assist with the implementation of GASB 87. We are requesting from the BOS approval for a 2-year contract renewal starting with FY 22/23 to not only assist with the implementation of GASB 96 but also for continued assistance and software access for our lease, debt and subscription-based IT arrangements. The subscription fee under this contract renewal is $13,000 per year.

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