Elizabeth Kelly, Director

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About the Health and Human Services Department

The purpose of the Health and Human Services Department is to develop, administer and provide Health and Social Services to the residents of Colusa County that improve their health, promote their well-being helping them become productive, independent contributors to the community while ensuring compliance with Federal and State mandated programs and funds.

Significant Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2022-23:

DHHS continued to develop, administer, and provide Health and Social Services to the County residents to support better health and well-being, which included COVID vaccines, COVID testing, monitoring with the State and County officials and schools. However, the Public Health Emergency was declared over at the end of March 2023.

Goals & Objectives for Fiscal Year 2023-24:

Continue to be responsive to the County and Community needs for overall health and safety for our residents with the over 200 programs DHHS maintains.

Summary of Major Budget Changes:

There is remaining funding for Public Health in lieu of COVID vaccine planning and outreach; also increased funding for housing to support those who are suffering homelessness in partnership with Behavorial Health.

DHHS continues to strive to better use of time studies to ensure all funds are spent accordingly. There is concerns for reduction of funding in lieu of possible recession and the State budget with a 29 billion deficit as reported to date.

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