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The purpose of the Assessor's Office is to complete, in a timely manner, all property assessment duties that are constitutionally directed to the County Assessor. The Assessor's Office is committed to completing all Assessor responsibilities at the least possible cost to the public, in a manner which is responsive and reflects the quality, uniformity, integrity and fairness to all. Property taxes are an essential source of revenue supporting basic public services provided by schools and local governments.

Significant Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2022-23:

  • The Tax Roll increased 5.5%
  • The appraisal staff continues to gain valuable knowledge by additional trainings.
  • The Assessment Technicians have excelled in training and are performing well and their customer service skills are exceptional. Our office is short-staffed, yet the office continues to do an admiral job with processing the work and still maintaining a high level of customer service to it taxpayers.
  • The backlog of appeals have been reduced and the office only has a few current appeals that need to be resolved.
  • The Appraisal Division was approved for minor remodel to the existing workstations. Our office has almost completed with the purchase of the workstations, and hopefully, this will be accomplished by the end of FY 2022/23.

Goals & Objectives for Fiscal Year 2023-24:

  • The Assessor's Office is a service department, and as such, to continue to strive to give the best customer service that we can offer.
  • To continue to work with Megabyte to streamline work processes.
    1. The Assessor is now implementing the Possessory Interest module to help with efficiencies.
    2. The Assessor is anticipating using the Manufacture Home module in Megabyte to help with valuing manufacture homes on an annual basis.
    3. The Assessor is analyzing additional modules that Megabyte has to see if they would be beneficial for our office.
  • To continue to expand knowledge in Excel to help with efficiencies.
  • To further cross train the Assessment Technicians and the Appraisal Division.

Summary of Major Budget Changes:

  • $88,918 savings to general fund overall. This was possible by:
    • Leaving Assessment Technician allocation vacant for the fiscal year creating a $79,445 savings to the General Fund.

    • $14,737 Below status quo. Reduced software expense by $15,000 for a project that was completed in 22/23. $263 of the $15,000 savings was used to cover the increase in insurance premiums.

  • Megabyte increased their maintenance fees by 5% ($5,264) for Fiscal Year 2023/24. This is a Board approved contract so isn't considered a new expense request.

  • Other concerns would be an increase in medical rates and how salaries might impact the Assessor's Office budget.

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