Wendy G. Tyler, County Administrative Officer

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About the County Administrative Office

The purpose of the County Administrative Office is to work closely with the Board of Supervisors advancing the execution of the County's Mission Statement and facilitating the achievement of the County's Goals and Objectives by providing administrative, management and fiscal support services to the Board and the operating Offices and Departments of the County. The County Administrative Office will administer, manage and coordinate the internal support functions assigned to its' Office ensuring these services meet both the present and future needs of the County and are delivered in an efficient, effective, economical manner with a strong orientation toward customer service.

Significant Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2022-23:

  • Recruited new Human Resources Director.
  • Completed a number of significant maintenance and information systems projects.
  • Ensured implementation of new sales tax dedicated to emergency medical ground transportation.
  • Successfully complete issuance of Certificates of Participation for Capital Projects.
  • Supported the Board and all departments in their efforts to serve the citizens and implement priorities.

Goals & Objectives for Fiscal Year 2023-24:

  • We will continue to work to implement Board policy and objectives, and assist all other County Departments in doing the same.
  • Update Purchasing Policy in conjunction with implementing the Purchasing module within OpenGov platform.

  • IT will continue implementation of new hardware and software as authorized within the budget.
  • Additionally, with Board support, we will work on the development of a countywide strategic plan.
  • Our level of continued participation in the Sites Reservoir Project should reach a major decision point as long term financing options are determined.

Summary of Major Budget Changes:

  • 401 - Budgeted for retirement payout and 1 month replacement overlap.
  • 408 - Leaving IT Technician position vacant saving the GF $112,816. Also completed major software project resulting in a $25,000 decrease in Services & Supplies which $7,000 was used to cover the software maintenance for Archive Social that was omitted from the 2022-23 budget.

  • 409 - $80 below status quo. Leaving Purchasing Coordinator position vacant saving GF $94,173.

  • 473 - Leaving vacant Maintenance Worker I position vacant saving GF $81,125. Only Routine maintenance is budget, no projects in this year's Maintenance Budget. results in $30,200 reduction. Reduced small tools $910 for items purchased in FY22-23.

  • 474 - There is a New Expense request for a $30,400 increase to Utilities. This cost is reimbursed through the cost plan. Even with this requested increase the FY23/24 Net Cost to the General Fund is $62,737 less than FY22/23.

  • 565 - Sites payment remained same as 22-23. Need to increase the 53230 line item for DPW charges to this budget unit for work performed on behalf of the JPA. There's also a request to increase Communications and Utilities.

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