City Council

General Government

FY 2021-22 Budget

Department Description

The City Council Department is part of the General Government Function and its main funding source is the General Fund (11).

The City Council is the elected policy-making body for the Town of Colma. The City Council has four key roles – Legislative, Governing Body, Quasi-Judicial, and Representative.

  • Legislative - In its legislative role, the City Council makes laws, which may be in the form of an ordinance or a resolution. Some examples of legislative acts are an Ordinance Regulating the Uses of Land in the Town and an Ordinance Prohibiting Nuisances in the Town.
  • Governing Body - In its governing body role, the Council sets policies for the Town’s key staff, much like a Board of Directors of a publicly-held corporation. The Council also sets goals and expectations of the City Manager and City Attorney and determines overall staffing levels for the Town. In the Council-Manager form of government, Council Members are not involved in managing the day-to-day operations of the City, leaving that role to the City Manager.
  • Quasi-Judicial - The Council frequently sits as an adjudicatory body. At times, the Council is obligated to hear evidence and make an impartial decision. At others, the Council has some discretion on how to rule. An application for a use permit and a request to revoke a use permit are examples of the types of matters that come before the Council in its quasi-judicial role.
  • Representative - Council Members frequently act as the Town’s representative before other public agencies. In these cases, the member’s authority goes only so far as the instructions given to him or her by the entire council. Members of the City Council represent the Town on various local, regional and statewide committees, boards and commissions, such as the San Mateo County Council of Cities.


The City Council is comprised of five members elected at large who serve four-year overlapping terms. Each year, the Council selects a member to act as Mayor.

Revenue Summary

City Council operation is entirely funded by General Fund revenues.

Expenditure Summary

FY 2021/22 City Council Budget is $83,400 more than the FY 2020/21 Estimated Actuals.

Salaries, wages & benefits budget is $51,000 more than FY 2020/21 Estimated Actuals because of the increase in health care and pension costs and the additional contributions to OPEB and pension trusts in an effort to reduce future unfunded liabilities.

Supplies & services budget is $32,830 and it is due to restoration of the FY 2021/22 Budget to pre-Covid budget.

Expenditure by Categories

Expenditure by Funds

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