General Government

FY 2021-22 Budget

Department Description

The Finance Department is part of the General Government Function and its main funding source is the General Fund (11).

The Finance Division is responsible for paying the Town’s bills, maintaining and reconciling accounts, payroll, financial reporting, responding within one business day to vendor and employee inquiries and maintaining related records.

The Administrative Services Director is responsible for oversight of the Finance Division and also two non-departmental activities: General Services, which includes all insurance for the Town, utility bill payments and miscellaneous expenditures; and Debt Service for the 2015 Certificates of Participation Town Hall Renovation Project. Each of these activities has detailed budget pages.


The Finance Division is staffed by two Accounting Technicians (1.8 FTE). The Division reports to the Administrative Services Director.

Revenue Summary

The Finance operation is entirely funded by General Fund revenues.

Expenditure Summary

The FY 2021/22 Finance Budget is $161,600 more than FY 2019/20 Estimated Actuals. The main increase is in Professional Consulting Services, which is comprised of the following:

  • Restoration of finance support to pre-COVID level ($50,000); and
  • Revenue Strategy Consultant to help with the Resiliency element of the 2020-2022 Strategic Plan ($100,000).

Expenditure by Categories

Expenditure by Funds

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