General Services

General Government

FY 2021-22 Budget

Department Description

The General Services Department is part of the General Government Function and its main funding source is the General Fund (11).

The General Services budget includes expenditures shared by all departments, such as the telephone system, cellular telephones, utilities and insurance. This Activity also includes the cost of funding Town-wide communications support (basic cable television) for residents.


The Administrative Services Director is responsible for General Services. This activity has no staff.

Revenue Summary

Operating expenditures in General Services is generally supported by non-departmental General Fund revenues. Annually, the Town is reimbursed for recovered Town property damage and workers comp claims filed and for risk mitigation. The risk mitigation grant is allocated through PLAN JPA and unused portions are rolled over to the following year.

Expenditure Summary

Total General Services budget for FY 2021-22 is $1.37 million, an increase of $240,000 from FY 2020-21 Estimated Actual. Insurance premiums are projected to increase by $167,000. The Town belongs to the PLAN JPA for property and general liability coverage and PRISM (a JPA) for workers compensation. In recent years, the insurance market in California has been competitive, with more insurance carriers leaving the California public sector market. Being part of a JPA allows the Town to share risk with other agencies within the Silicon Valley/San Francisco /Bay Area.

Expenditure by Categories

Expenditure by Funds

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