Public Safety

FY 2021-22 Budget

The Public Safety Function consists of the following departments:

The Department is primarily supported by the General Fund, with the exception of the Community Services Officer (CSO) position which is funded by a SLESF grant from the State of California.

Revenues Summary

The Police Department is projected to receive $265,157 in departmental revenues in FY 2021-22. Included in the $265,157 is $100,000 of annual Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Fund, also known as COPS Grant funding. The COPS grant fund is recorded in Fund 29 and supports activities charged to Fund 29.

With a total department budget of $9.27 million dollars, the department depends largely on non-specified General Fund revenues.

Expenditure Summary

The overall Police Departments budget is $9.27 million and is largely due to the restoration of pre-Covid 19 pandemic service levels. The FY 2021-22 budget assumes all vacant positions (2) will be filled, unfunded liabilities will return to 100% contribution, and other operating spending and equipment purchases will return to pre-COVID levels.


Although an extremely difficult year under COVID 19 restrictions, the Colma Police Department still made community engagement a priority by participating in National Night Out, Coffee with a Cop, Drive by Birthdays, Elderly Food Distribution, Youth Super Bowl Party, Blood Drive, Veterans Christmas Eve Food and Gift distribution and Youth Programs.

The biggest case of the year was the Town's first homicide in over twenty-five years. This made for an enormous amount of work, consisting of approximately 10 search warrants, 42 supplemental reports and 51 interviews.

The Colma Police Department also supported the wildfires at both the Half Moon Bay CZU Complex Fire and Monterey County River Fires by sending personnel to work both the command post and assist with evacuations.

Special accommodations were given to the following individuals for outstanding performance and services in FY 2020-21.

  • Police Officers Trask and Moreno received a commendation for their life saving efforts while de-escalating a suicidal subject.
  • Sgt. Jordan, Detective Rosset, Detective McKenna, Officer Berkovatz, and Officer Mendoza received Police Officer of the Year awards for their combined efforts on the homicide investigation.
  • Police Officers Berkovatz, Mendoza, and McKenna each received 10851 Pins for their efforts in vehicle theft recovery and arrests.
  • Dispatcher Thelma Coffey was awarded the Dispatcher of the Year for both her work during the homicide investigation and outstanding efforts throughout the year.

The Colma Police Department did a complete evaluation of our Use of Force Policy and made changes to reflect current law and best practices.

The Colma Police Department was awarded the Gold Award by Lexipol LLC, for Excellence In Law Enforcement Policy Management. Lexipol LLC is the Colma Police Departments policy and risk management consultant.

COVID Response

The Colma Police Department worked with all agencies in the county to ensure the safest procedures possible. Colma Police Officers were faced with fulfilling their duties while wearing protective gear and social distancing.

The Colma Police Department worked closely with the San Mateo County Business Compliance unit to ensure all our businesses were following all policies associated with the current COVID 19 Tier. The Colma Police Department also worked closely with our residents to ensure Covid 19 compliance based on current policies, and are proud to report that we received cooperation with both our residential and business community.

The Colma Police Department hosted two Youth Mask Give-A-Way events

Future Objectives

The Colma Police Department's objective for the next year is to expand on current technology brining the safest environment possible to the Town of Colma. By adding body and in-car camera systems as well as Automated License Plate Readers to our patrol officers brings not only transparency and accountability, but also assists in our ability to provide the best possible evidence in our criminal cases.

The Colma Police Department will continue to make community engagement our priority by not only hosting many of our own events, but being more involved in Town and Recreation events.

The Colma Police Department is working with the California State Office of Emergency Services 911 Department on obtaining 24/7 9-1-1 compliance.

Reasonable Accommodation

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