Annual Budget (Adopted)

Fiscal Year 2020-21

Budget Cover

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About this Document

The Fiscal Year 2020-21 Budget is the Town of Colma's operating and capital plan for the year. Unlike prior years, the FY 2020-21 Budget consists of rolling over the operating budget from FY 2019-20 and ratifying the capital program as planned for FY 2020-21 in the 2019-2024 Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan.

About the Cover

Community Strong:

  • Opening of Colma Veterans Housing
  • Super Bowl Party as part of the Youth Outreach Program

COVID-19 Strong:

  • Celebrating and honoring graduates
  • Celebrating birthdays
  • Delivering food to residents in need

Elected Officials and Appointed Officials

Elected Officials:

  • John Irish Goodwin (Mayor)
  • Diana Colvin (Vice Mayor)
  • Helen Fisicaro (Council member)
  • Raquel "Rae" Gonzalez (Council member)
  • Joanne F. del Rosario (Council member)

Appointed City Officials:

  • City Manager - Brian Dossey
  • Police Chief (Interim) - Bob Lotti
  • Administrative Services Director - Pak Lin
  • Recreation Manager - Vacant

Planning, Building, Engineering and Legal Services are contracted out.
FY 2020-21 Budget

Table of Contents

The FY 2020-21 Budget is an abbreviated presentation. The Colma Profile, Revenues Details, and Department Details have been removed. The Capital Program and Appendix has been condenses. This is the result of FY 2020-21 being a different budget process where the traditional budget process was not completed to shift the Town's focus towards address COVID-19 spread. Therefore, the FY 2019-20 operating budget was rolled over and the FY 2020-21 capital program, as presented in the 2019-2024 Five-Year Capital Plan was ratified.


Budget Awards

Budget Message

City Manager's Budget Message - Overview of Town's FY 2020-21 Budget and initial assessment of the impact of COVID-19.

The message includes Town-Wide Accomplishments.

Budget Overview

Summary of Town Funds - A list of all Town's funds by fund categories.

Town-wide Financial & Budget Summary - Fund Balance summary with FY 2019-20 projected loss due to COVID-19 and FY 2020-21 adopted budget.

FY 2020-21 Reserves Summary - A list of all Town funds and General Fund City Council approved reserves.

Town-wide Expenditure Summary by Department - 4-Year financial comparison by department and expenditure summary.

FY 2020-21 Department Budget by Fund - FY 2020-21 department budget summarized by fund and expenditure categories.

Transfers Summary for All Funds - 4-Year transfers summary for all funds.

Capital Improvement


2020-21 Appropriation (GANN) Limit


Town's Financial Policies

Glossary of Terms

Resolution - Budget Adoption

Resolution - GANN Limit

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