Police Patrol

Public Safety

FY 2021-22 Budget

Department Description

Police Patrol provides a front-line uniform response to calls for police services. Police Patrol addresses neighborhood quality-of-life issues and responds to all security-related service needs of the community, including threats to life and property, enforcement of traffic laws and investigation of crimes against persons and property.


The Division’s personnel include a Police Commander, four Police Sergeants and 11 Police Officers. As staffing allows, one officer is assigned to a motorcycle on a part-time basis, and officers work a variety of other ancillary assignments including SWAT, San Mateo County Gang Task Force, Bicycle Patrol and STEP (Saturation Traffic Enforcement Program).

Revenue Summary

The Police Patrol Division is primarily funded by the General Fund and does not have a specific revenue resource. The Police Patrol Division's related grants are recorded in Federal/State/County Grants revenue accounts and these accounts are grouped and presented under Public Safety.

Expenditure Summary

The FY 2021-22 Police Patrol Budget is $6.05 million and is $1.02 million more than the FY 2020-21 Estimated Actual. Total personnel cost of $5.77 million is $850,000 more than the FY 2020-21 Estimated Actual because of two main elements:

  1. Unfreeze police office vacancy. This was frozen during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  2. Restore contribution 115 Trusts for future OPEB and pension liabilities.

Additionally, the Police Patrol budget includes the vehicle replacement fund transfer of $116,000 as part of the internal service fund (ISF) allocation. The Town did not make ISF contributIon in FY 2020-21 as part of the Covid-19 Deficit Strategy.

Expenditure by Categories

Expenditure by Funds

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