FY 2021-22 Proposed Budget

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A Message From City Manager Alan Flora

When the 2020-21 Budget was prepared, we were only a few months into the COVID pandemic and we took a cautious approach to spending. At the time I didn’t expect the pandemic to have lasted as long as it has, but fortunately our local economic climate has remained strong overall. A few of our beloved local businesses didn’t survive, but the influx of stimulus dollars to residents, more local retail spending rather than travel, and the City’s share of the surge in online transactions bolstered local tax revenues. I am proud of our City Council for being unwavering in their steady leadership during this time. I am proud of our staff for taking so many changes in stride and continuing their public service regardless of the circumstances. Because we didn’t see the expected drop in revenues and due to the efforts of our dedicated staff, we have been able to continue nearly all of our planned projects, and I don’t believe the future of Clearlake has ever been brighter.

The overall economic picture heading into a new fiscal year is a positive one. We have some concern that our sales tax will level off or perhaps slightly recede due to increased travel rather than local spending and less stimulus dollars circulating locally, but we remain optimistic that overall we will see small increases in most revenue streams.

The big story in this budget is what can only be described as an enormous and unprecedented investment in infrastructure. The proposed capital projects budget exceeds $36 million. This investment has been made possible due primarily to over $14 million in settlement proceeds from litigation and nearly $14 million in CDBG Disaster Recovery dollars for two large road rehabilitation projects in and around the Sulphur Fire area. These funds, and a mix of other dollars will allow projects long desired by the City to move forward over the next couple of years. These include infrastructure development at the Pearce Field retail center; a new mixed-use development on Burns Valley Road, including a housing project, a new Public Works Yard, a soccer and baseball complex, and a recreation center; corridor improvements on Lakeshore Drive; and various improvements in Austin Park. In addition, there are nearly 15 miles of road improvements included in the Proposed Budget. There are likely to be additional grant awards for infrastructure investment that will be received by the City within this fiscal year, but since they are pending official award notifications we have not included them in the Budget.

The City is clearly experiencing a resurgence, and the combination of infrastructure and private investment completed over the next couple of years will define a new trajectory in Clearlake’s future. Of course, many challenges remain. Our exceptional Code Enforcement team is continually cleaning up properties, ensuring neighborhoods are free of weeds and blight, towing abandoned vehicles, and generally ensuring the City is cleaner and safer. All of this is even more difficult with the additional challenge of such a high percentage of properties with tax delinquencies. While the County has shown some recent interest in resolving the problem, many years of dedication to selling tax defaulted properties is needed to end the cycle. There is still more work to do in cleaning up several sections of the City and we expect each budget in the near future to include significant one-time money for the towing and crushing of abandoned vehicles and the abatement of various problem properties. However, we must not let the image of past blight cloud the vision of our future.

Roads are always an important community issue. While the investment in the next two years will be unprecedented, there is much more to do. Thanks to Measure V revenues and various grants, the funding exists for dramatic improvements to our local streets.

For a second year the City has managed without a full time Finance Director, with the City’s department heads stepping up to continue filling that void. No one has been more invaluable in keeping our finance team moving than Chief Andrew White, who has performed miraculously as Interim Finance Director over the past year. I am excited that we will have a new full time Finance Director starting in the next few weeks and Chief White can re-establish his full attention to the Police Department. Captain Celli, Lieutenant Hobbs, and Records and Communications Supervisor Vannest have performed admirably in making sure everything continued to run smoothly. It is difficult to express my true appreciation for the professionalism, sincerity of purpose, and innovation that the Clearlake Police Department shows daily while year after year making Clearlake a statistically safer City. Thank you! While recruitment of police officers has long been a challenging endeavor, the current national environment is making this task more difficult. Our success towards a fully staffed department will include continued personnel investment, using technology as workforce multipliers, and strengthening community support and trust.

While the list of challenges we face is long, I believe the opportunity in front of us is enormous. Investment interest in our community is high and I believe the change coming in the next few years will overshadow the challenges of the past. Its going to be a great year!

This year we are again exclusively using our OpenGov transparency budget platform for production and sharing of the FY 2021-22 Clearlake Budget. Please, explore the Proposed Budget with the links below.


Alan Flora

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