M´╗┐ayor & City Council 100-11


The Mayor and City Council oversee the general administration of the City of Uvalde, make policies, and set the budget. They have the legislative authority to pass ordinances, resolutions, and motions. The five City Council members and the Mayor directly serve the Citizens of Uvalde.

Mission Statement

"The Uvalde Mayor and City Council are comprised of a strong, united leadership team truly committed to public service through customer service. Their legislative authority to pass ordinances, resolutions, and motions is as important as their responsibility to work with their advisory committees and with city personnel. Cumulatively, their goal is to meet the needs of their constituents, with a primary focus on providing cost-effective city services."


  • Continue to represent the Citizens of Uvalde and voice any issues or concerns they may have.

Performance Measures

Department Expense Summary

Financial Information

Itemized Expenses