G´╗┐olf Course 100-54


The Golf Course Department is responsible for all aspects of maintaining and running the Uvalde Memorial Golf Course. The course has 18 holes, and amenities including a club house with concessions and a golf shop. Golf cart rentals and golf cart shed rentals are also offered. The Golf Pro Shop Attendant handles all sales for the golf course including, course fees, driving range fees, cart rentals, concession and retail sales. The Golf Maintenance Worker performs all maintenance, mowing, watering, trash pickup, and other functions of upkeep as needed. They are also responsible for keeping the carts clean, as well as picking up trash around the clubhouse. In fiscal year 2020-2021 an outside firm was contracted to oversee the Golf Course operations. In fiscal year 2021-2022, the personnel for this department were transferred to the Parks and the Civic Center. The City of Uvalde is responsible for all major repairs to the building, infrastructure, and equipment but no longer handles all sales, fees, rentals, and concession sales associated with the Golf Course.

Mission Statement

"To maintain a safe and clean recreational facility for the enjoyment of all and to provide a positive atmosphere for the entire family."

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