Municipal Court 100-13


The Municipal Court Department is responsible for enforcing all local and state laws. Cases handled in this court include traffic citations, truancies, and civil cases. This department has the ability to issue warrants for unpaid violations, and Failure to Appear. The Municipal Judge that presides over the Municipal Court is contracted out and is not an employee of the City. Two Municipal Court Clerk’s perform daily duties to ensure the department runs smoothly. Their duties include collection of court fines, accurate filing of court records, and answering questions of citizens. Open Court for pleas, arraignments and hearings are scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month.

Mission Statement

"To properly enforce all the local and state laws. To handle each case in a fair and unbiased manner with an open mind. To grant equal judgement to all."


  • Hold show cause hearings.

  • Reduce the balance of unpaid citations by issuance of letters and warrants.
  • Reduce the balance of unpaid citations by placing hold on driver's license.
  • Have the Judge implement issuance of warrants for unpaid and failure to appear citations.
  • Allow City of Uvalde police officers to arrest on warrants issued by the court.
  • Digitize court records to achieve paperless court.
  • Have clerk obtain certification.
  • Initiate court rules, procedures and standing orders for a consistent and smooth operation of court.

Performance Measures

Personnel Schedule

Department Expense Summary

Financial Information

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