Finance 100-07


The Finance Department supports all other departments with budgeting, purchasing, paying unpaid bills, and other activities that support the financial planning and accountability of the City. The Director of Finance oversees the Finance Department Staff as well as the Utility Office and Municipal Court Staff. The Finance Director works closely with the City Manager and Department Heads to ensure the prudent use of funds and accurate accounting and documentation of all transactions. The Accounting Manager coordinates the day-to-day activities and operations of the City’s finance function including accounting, internal review, budget, audit, debt management, and utility billing. The Accountant I-Purchasing is responsible for issuing Purchase Orders and purchasing items for City departments. Other duties include inventorying merchandise, itemizing fixed assets, getting insurance on vehicles, registering vehicles and also works with all aspects of the budget including requesting budget proposals from department heads, preparing preliminary budget information for review by the Finance Committee, updating information as needed, and being a support to the Finance Director and City Manager throughout the budget adoption process. The Accountant I- Payroll is responsible for issuing employee paychecks 26 times per year, while accounting correctly for all deductions to be taken out, and tracks vacation leave, sick leave, and overtime. The Accounts Payable Clerk pays bills owed by the City. Prior to checks being issued, documentation for payment must be verified and accounts to be used must be verified.

Mission Statement

"To provide support to all departments in the City Government by means of strategic financial planning and accountability to maximize the efficient use of public funds."


  • Implement electronic requisition system in current software.
  • Implement inventory model in current software.

Performance Measures

Personnel Schedule

Department Expense Summary

Financial Information

Itemized Revenues

Itemized Expenses