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The Utility Office Department handles all cash transactions for the City including all banking functions such as deposits and change orders. This Department is responsible for the billing and collection of water, sewer, garbage, brush, gas, and other fees associated with the Utility and Sanitation Funds. Other tasks include reading water and gas meters. The Office Manager is responsible for supervising the day-to-day operations of the Utility Office. The Office Manager works closely with the Finance Director and Finance Department Staff to ensure accountability of all transactions. In FY 20-21, the Assistant Utility Office Manager position was re-named to Accountant/Utilities Specialist. The Accountant/Utilities Specialist assists the Office Manager and reconciles the accounts receivable. There are two Cashier /Customer Service positions. These employees take in cash payments, answer phones, document and initiate service calls for gas, water, and garbage collection. There are three Meter Readers for the Utility Office who take readings for the water and gas meters within the City of Uvalde. The Utility Serviceman handles disconnects and reconnects, and also handles any meter re-reads if needed. The Utility Office is the umbrella department for the Municipal Registrar's office. This position is handled by our Customer Service Representative I. There is also a Customer Service Representative II that assist with these duties. The Registrar's office documents deaths and births and issues death and birth certificates. They also sell cemetery lots and issue permits for headstones and burial. The Registrar is responsible for ensuring the Cemetery codes and ordinances are followed and schedules cemetery clean-ups as necessary.

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"To create a working climate that inspires trust, teamwork, quality and pride, as we provide our citizens with excellent and accurate billing service."

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