Recreation 100-55


Due to the department taking on an expanded role in the community, this department was renamed for fiscal year 17-18 from Swimming Pool to Recreation Department. The swimming pool operations still fall under this department, but the addition of Sports Leagues in the community are incorporated in this department.

The Swimming Pool is operational only half of the year because the outdoor pool can only be used during the warmer months of the year. The Interim Director of Parks & Recreation oversees the daily operations of the pool and hires the eleven Temporary Employees. These temporary positions are the lifeguards needed to ensure the safety of those that visit the municipal pool. In FY 17-18, various Sports Leagues were created in the community. These Sports Leagues proved to be a valuable asset to the community, and the Interim Director of Parks and Recreation will continue to oversee the Sports Leagues.

Mission Statement

"To provide comprehensive park and recreation programs, facilities, and services, which respond to the changing needs of our citizens. We strive to protect, preserve, and promote our parks and open spaces to enhance the quality of life for present and future generations in a safe, secure and positive environment".

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