Information Technology 300-10


The IT Department provides the infrastructure and service for all Information Technology used by the various city departments. This includes network systems, computers and accessories, copy machines, printers, telephones, and specific programs used by individual departments such as Cardinal used by the Police Department, and Tyler Technology's Incode used by the Utility, Finance, Municipal Court, and Police Departments. The IT Administrator reports to the Director of Planning and Development. The IT Administrator is responsible for all activity and record keeping of the IT Department. There is also one IT Desktop Support employee that helps with repair and installation of IT equipment.

Mission Statement

“The Information Technology Department of the City of Uvalde is committed to personnel safety, data security, legal and policy compliance, professionalism and ethical standards, backup of data, advancement of the City's technology capability, professional maintenance of existing IT infrastructure, and creating and updating documentation. ‘The job isn't done until it's documented.”’

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