Opera House 100-57


The Opera House Department is responsible for the 125 yr. old Uvalde Grand Opera House. There are two employees, the Theatre Manager, who reports to the Assistant City Manager, and a Programs Coordinator. The Theatre Manager along with the help of the Programs Coordinator is responsible for all events and productions to include scheduling outside events, promoting events, selling tickets, and even acting as the event's theater director for city originated productions. The Theatre Manager is also in charge of maintenance, restoration, and renovation of the facility, as well as creating displays to reflect the rich heritage of this venue.

Mission Statement

"The Uvalde Grand Opera House, built in 1891, seeks to enhance the lives of all people in Uvalde and the surrounding area through programs and presentations of quality live theater, and to promote art awareness and arts education. It is the mission of the Grand Opera House to provide for the enrichment and appreciation of the community in the areas of art, drama, music, dance education, community service and historical preservation."

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