Planning & Development 100-15


The Planning & Development Department is responsible for enforcement of all local and state codes, issuing permits, performing inspections, aiding in historic preservation, and ensuring ordinances are in place to align development and growth of the city with the City Council's vision and plan. The Director of Planning and Development oversees the daily functions of the Planning and Development Department, which includes the Fire Marshal and also supervises the IT Department. The Director of Planning and Development also writes grants, participates in the strategic planning meetings, and is involved in making recommendations for variance and zoning issues. The Code Enforcement Officers work to ensure that complaints regarding code compliance issues are addressed and acted on to remedy each situation. The Building Official makes sure that new construction and remodeling are compliant with city codes. The Building Inspector assists the Building Official. All required permits must be issued prior to work being started. The Code Enforcement Officers, Building Officer, and Building Inspector are able to perform inspections. The Code Enforcement Administrative Assistant aids other members of the department as well as issues permits, takes reservations for the city park spaces, and answers phone calls. The Fire Marshal performs fire inspections, provides training to the schools and citizens of the community, and oversees fire drills. For fiscal year 2022-2023 the Main Street Manager position was rehoused to the Planning & Development Department. This position was previously funded through the Hotel & Motel Fund and part of the Convention and Visitors Bureau. The Main Street Manager works with downtown building and business owners to promote and improve the downtown through preservation and economic development.

Mission Statement

"The Planning and Development Department seeks to create a safe environment and improve the quality of life for all citizens of Uvalde through responsible enforcement of all local and state codes while protecting the community's investment in infrastructure and cultural and natural resources."

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