2023-2027 Drainage Capital Improvement Plan

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Drainage Capital Improvements by Year

Drainage Capital Improvement Funding

Drainage Projects

D2023-01; D2024-01; D2025-01; D2026-01; D2027-01: Annual Drainage Improvement Project

The Drainage System Replacement Program replaces the City's existing drainage infrastructure that has reached or is nearing the end of useful service life. Failing to replace these various pipes, manholes, inlets, etc, would result in areas of the City not draining correctly which could potentially result in altered drainage flows with the possible outcome of localized flooding including the potential flooding of private properties and structures. Further, failure of the main beneath a city roadway could result in the failure of the street and the formation of a sinkhole. Success for this project would be measured by the replacement and extended life of the drainage infrastructure and continued operation that minimizes the risk of localized flooding.

Although specific project areas are not identified at this time, funding of $100,000 per year has been requested for these drainage system activities. Generally, the City jointly partners with the various watershed districts (South Washington, Ramsey-Washington Metro, and Valley Branch) when completing drainage projects. Staff also looks to identify opportunities for these improvements in correlation with annual street reconstruction projects.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) requires Oakdale to have a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) that reduces phosphorus and other contaminants in our lakes, wetlands, and streams.

Completed Drainage Projects

Tanners Inlet Improvements

North Fire Station Swale Repair

Glenbrook & 12th Catch Basin Improvements

Heyward Weir Repairs