2023-2027 Signals Capital Improvement Plan

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2025 Signal Projects

L2025-01; Stillwater Boulevard and Helmo Avenue Signal Improvements

Washington County is proposing to resurface CSAH 13 (Ideal Avenue) from CSAH 6 (Stillwater Boulevard) to CSAH 14 (34th Street). This project will trigger traffic control improvements at the intersection of Stillwater Boulevard and Helmo Avenue with either a traffic signal or roundabout.

The Washington County cost participation policy allocates project costs by the number of legs an agency has at the intersection. At the Stillwater Boulevard & Helmo Avenue intersection, the City of Oakdale has the Helmo leg south of the intersection. The other three legs are Washington County roadways. As a result, Oakdale is responsible for 1/4 of the project costs, and Washington County is responsible for 3/4 of the project costs.

Washington County will be acting as the fiscal agent on this project and is responsible for coordination of the project. Oakdale will remit it's share of project costs to the County.