Fate Invests in Cloud Based Software

for Open Financial Transparency

New Online Platform Allows Constituents to View How and Where Tax Dollars Are Spent

Welcome to OpenGov

OpenGov is now available for Fate residents. This software is a modern budgeting instrument that seamlessly ties budget dollars to key organizational initiatives. It integrates the City budgeting process with performance and reporting while increasing communications. Relevant content is shared with the community to gain public input early and often in the decision-making processes.

The city of Fate is committed to open financial transparency. City Council is confident that by increasing the level of transparency and removing barriers to public accessibility, a greater civic engagement will follow. The community can and will advocate with informed and trustworthy facts.

With the advancement of technology, Fate is for the first time able to make available the in-depth and easy to access information through OpenGov. Users are able to drill down into the platform to engage in how and where tax dollars are being spent. Click on the reports below labeled 2019 to view the current Fiscal Year 2018-2019 budget.

The charts labeled 2020 are the proposed Fiscal Year 2019-2020 budget from City Manager Michael Kovacs to the City Council. Viewers can review the proposed funding for City Council goals, programs and projects.

Short-Term Goals

  • Streets
  • Revitalize Downtown
  • Community Awareness and Communications
  • Legislative

Mid-Term Goals

  • Community Identity
  • Business Development
  • Develop I-30 Corridor
  • Development of Parks in District "B"

Long-Term Goals

  • Economically Sustainable Balanced Growth
  • Connect City with Parks and Trails System
Construction in downtown Fate during the 2019 revitalization project.
Parks and Recreations Advisory Board public meeting in March 2019
Sustainable Growth in downtown Fate.