About Eau Claire


Government Profile

Mission Statement

It is our mission to assure the common good through services essential for a safe, sustainable, engaged, and healthy community.

Council/Manager form of government

  • Eleven members of the City Council
  • Council President
  • Five members from aldermanic districts
  • Five at-large members

Residents receive a number of City services, including:

  • Police and fire protection
  • Public transit
  • Street construction and infrastructure maintenance
  • Water, sewer, and storm-water management
  • Parks and Recreation Amenities

The City’s Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Plan are updated and approved by Council annually. Council workshops and public hearings provide the public with opportunities for feedback regarding the Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Plan. The City of Eau Claire welcomes and encourages feedback from the community during capital planning and budgeting processes.

Strategic Plan

A sound organization occasionally re-assesses its strategic priorities, goals, and objectives. As a result of such a re-assessment, the City of Eau Claire finalized a new Strategic Plan. The 2019-2020 Strategic Plan serves as a guide for allocating resources and for the development of the City organization. The Plan identifies seven key strategic goals and objectives:

  1. Support economic prosperity for all with diverse, creative, economic development and inclusive housing options.
  2. Provide safe, functional, and accessible infrastructure that is environmentally sensitive and sustainable.
  3. Optimize the city’s organizational potential.
  4. Develop, nurture and revitalize safe, healthy, and connected neighborhoods.
  5. Facilitate an engaged community.
  6. Create engaging opportunities for fun. Make Eau Claire a city that is livable, lovable, and fun.
  7. Nurture community-wide opportunities for personal learning, growth, and development.