Buildings & Grounds Maintenance


The Building and Grounds Division provides custodial services, building and grounds maintenance and operation of the City Hall building at 203 S Farwell Street, Central Maintenance building at 910 Forest Street, the Utility building at 1040 Forest Street and the Public Library building at 400 Eau Claire Street. The Division also provides building maintenance services to all six fire stations and collects meter revenue from downtown area parking lots and parking ramps.


  • Provide efficient operation, maintenance and custodial service on 251,650 square feet of public building space including the Public Library building.
  • Provide exterior buildings and grounds maintenance for 284,500 square feet of grounds.
  • Provide requested services as needed to all city departments.


  • Operate and maintain City buildings and grounds in good physical condition.
  • Provide custodial service, operate and maintain City Hall Campus and grounds.
  • Provide custodial service, operate, and maintain the Public Library building and grounds.
  • Provide custodial service operation and maintenance of the Central Maintenance building.
  • Respond to approximately 2,600 service calls per year while maintaining normal service to City Facilities

Buildings & Grounds Expenditure Summary